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Tents and Canopies

We offer a wide variety of opitions if you are looking for temporariy shelter.  We can accomidate anything from a vendor in a 10x10 space all the way up to a large wedding needing 4000 square feet of space.  Our tents are cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to give you the best product we can.

10x10 frame tent

Our 10x10 frame tents are built with haeavy aluminum poles and are staked into the ground through stake plates. They work excelent for vendors needing a little shade or wanting to add a little extra to a back yard party.  We also offer a lighter weight pop up tent that can be put up quickily.

10x10 EZ up
20x20 frame tent

Our 20x20 Frane Tents give you more room without a center pole.  These tents can also be secured using water barrell making them an excellent choice when we can not drill holes for stakes.

20x20 frame tents
20x20 canopy

Our canopies are our most economical tents to rent.  They have more of a square design and are made out of a lighter material.  We offer these in 15x15, 20x20 and 20x30.

20x30 canopy
20x30 tents

Our 20' tents come in 20', 30' and 40' lengths.  These are the most common tents for graduations and back yard parties.  You can seat between 40 and 80 people at a table under the 20' wide tents depending on the length.

20x30 tent
30x45 tent

Our 30' tents come in 30', 45', and 60' lengths.  We install these tents.  You can seat between 90- 180 people under these.

30x60 tent
40x40 tent

Our largest tents are 40' wide and come in 40;, 60', and 80'.

40x120 tent
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