airless paint sprayer

Airless paint sprayer

Can be used to apply thin materials like stain to thick materials like latex or oil based paints. Maximum operating pressure 3300 psi and .54 G.P.M.

texture unit

Texture unit

sheet rock lift

Sheet rock jack

Standard model will reach height of 11' with a loading height of 34". Tall model will reach height of 15' with a loading height of 52". Lift  hold up to 4' x 12' sheets. 

painters scaffolding

Painters Scaffolding

Drywall sander

8" sanding pad with hook loop attachment.

wall paper steamer

Wall Paper Steamer

adjustable ladder

The latest advances in ladder technology, making it lighter, faster, and easier to use than any other multi-use ladder.  We rent the 26' model and  it has a 300-lb. weight rating (Type 1a)

insulation blower

Our FORCE/1 package processes up to 970 lbs of cellulose or 350 lbs of fiberglass per hour and weighs 177 lbs.  The durability of this unit is enhanced with urethane seals, a direct drive transmission, and polyethylene construction which resists dents & dings, allowing for an attractive system appearance over years of use.  This system provides ease of transportation to the job site in addition to timely installation of attic insulation – either cellulose or fiberglass -- at 3/4 of an hour for R-19 in a 1,000 square foot attic.