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Material Handling


Length to Fork Face 19.8 ft 

Width Over Tires8.5 ft 

Overall Height8.9 ft 

Wheelbase10.8 ft 

Max Lift Height44 ft 

Max Forward Reach27 ft Lift

Max Lift Capacity 6001 lb

Max Lift Height 44 ft 

Max Load at Max Height 6001 lb

Max Forward Reach 27 ft 

Max Load at Max Reach 1999lbs.

To view more information on this machine please read the operators manual.

telescopic forklift
warehouse forklift

Komatsu’s heart-of-the-line BX50 series redefines the forklift once again. Whether your application calls for an agile and maneuverable cushion tire model for indoors, or the flexibility and power of a pneumatic model for outdoors, the BX50 series is sure to meet your needs. The BX50’s superior performance can increase productivity, minimize operator fatigue, reduce operating costs and improve the working environment. Boost your bottom line now—put a BX50 to work in your application today.  To see the specification of our FG25T-16 on Komatsu's wed site

contractors lift

Contractors Lift

Height max. (forks up)  18'

Lift capacity:  650lbs.

Height stowed:  84"

Length extended:  72"

Length operating:  72"

Width stowed:  30"

Width operating:  72" 

The perfect lift for:  HVAC contractors, Electrical contractors, Industrial maintenance, Steel erectors and Facility Management

pallet jack

Pallet Jack with 48" forks and a 5000# capacity.

hydraulic jack

20 and 35 ton hydraulic jack

machine skates

Since 1953, Hilman has maintained the highest standards of quality that has made our company the world’s leading manufacturer of high capacity rollers. Hilman Rollers are known throughout the world for their dependability, flexible design, and durability.  Our machine skates are 3.75ton each for a total of 15 tons of capacity.  

engine hoist

Engine Hoist with a 500 - 2000# capacity.

chain fall

2 ton Chain fall with 20' of lift

johnson bar

Johnson Bar pry

Moving Equipment


Appliance Dollies

moving cart
appliance dollie
moving pads

Moving Pads

Moving Carts

utility trailer

5x10 Utilty trailer with ramp

2" ball

120" inside length

58" inside with

3500 # GVWR

2340 # payload capacity

48" ramp

32" inside wall height

7X16 Enclosed Trailer.jpg
5x8 enclosed trailer

6'X10' Enclosed Trailer

2" ball

2990# GVWR

1750# payload capacity

2250# Ramp Door Capacity

132" Inside Length 

69" Inside Width

72" Inside Height 

7'X16' Enclosed Trailer

Electric Brakes Required

2 5/16" ball

9900# GVWR

7530 # payload capacity

80" Insid Hight 

81" Inside Width

201" Inside Length 

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