Lawn and Garden Rentals



The Bluebird Aerator pulls the plugs out of the ground to provide for soil aeration.  To learn more about this product see the operators manual or view the video of the machine in action.

towable aerator

Our towable aerator is 48" in width.  The weight comes from filling the included water bottles on top of the machine.  To find out more about this prodcut please review the operators manual.

Sod Cutter

sod cutter

The Clausen sod cutter is hydraulic driven and cuts the sod in at 18" wide. For more information check out the owners manual or view the video of the machine in action

sod kicker

Manual Sod kicker

High Weed Mower

high weed mower

Billy Goat 26" Outback high weed mower.  The heavy-duty blade spindle is reinforced on four sides to tackle the toughest cutting conditions, including thick brush up to 6' high, grass and weeds over 8' tall, and saplings up to 1.0" diameter. 


overseeder, slit seeder

The S22 Seeder is well balanced and portable thanks to the placement of the seed hopper and its folding handle. The 30-lb capacity polymer hopper features a site window and is mounted at the rear to ensure easier maneuverability and minimal seed damage during overseeding. The seed gate is adjustable to accommodate a broad range of grass seed.  You can read the full specification in the operators manual.

Power Rakes

power rake, thatcher

The Bluebird power rake brings all of the old thatch to the top of the grass so in can be removed.  The height can be adjusted so you can adjust the machine to be hitting only the top of the soil.  To find out more on this product you can read the operators manual.

Sidewalk Edger

sidewalk edger

The Tanaka sidewalk edger has a powerful 2 stroke motor and is shaft driven so you never have to worry about the belt.  You can also edge your front lawn with the installed curb kit.

Bed Edger

Dog Fence Trench

dog fence layer, landscape edger

The Bluebird bedbug is a dual purpose machine.  It can be used to trench around landscaping or by chaning the head it can bury underground invisible fence for your dogs.  To find out more please read the operators manual.

Lawn Mower

lawn mower

Honda 21" self propelled

lawn mower

Landscape Pavers Saw

pavers saw

MS 360 is a masonry saw with a cutting depth of 5 inches. The water use is minimized by a unique distribution which keeps the work piece dry and the workplace clean. The adjustable stand enables one person to move It around the jobsite. With the quick and easy set up you will get more cutting done. This masonry saw is ideal to use for pavers, bricks, stone and concrete block. 


rear tine tiller

The Honda FRC800 Rear Tine Tiller:

  • Easy starting Honda commercial OHV engine

  • 20" tilling width

  • 12" tine diameter

  • Convenient "loop handle" design allows operation from either side

  • Self propelled - 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse

  • Commercial grade construction

brush cutter
weed eater

Honda 4 stroke Weed Eater and Brush Cutter


The HondaFC600 Mid Tiller:

  • Easy starting Honda commercial OHV engine

  • 26" tilling width

  • 14" tine diameter

  • Easy-to-use adjustable depth bar

  • Standard transport wheel

  • 3 position adjustable handle

lawn roller

Our push lawn roller weighs 270lbs and our towable lawn roller weighs 625lbs when filled with water.

flower bed tiller

The Honda FG110 mini tiller:

  • Easy starting Honda mini 4-stroke engine

  • Less than 29 lbs

  • 9" tilling width

  • Patented Honda hybrid tines for unsurpassed performance

  • Fastest tine speed - 294 RPM

lawn magnet

Lawn Magnet for picking up metal

Tractors and attachments

john deere utility tractor for rent

John Deere 1025R is a sub compact utility tractor.  It is 25hp machine that is hydraulicly driven.  You can view the full list of specification on the John Deere web site.

3 pont backhoe


48" brush cutter

High Weed Mower

60" mowing deck

60" mowing deck

tractor loader


3 point tiller

48" tiller

3 point box blade

Box Blade

Tree Removal

boom lift

Bil Jax 4527A

Working height51 ft

Platform height45 ft

Horizontal outreach (from centerline)27 ft

Horizontal outreach (from edge of footpad)21 ft

Up and over height20 ft 9 in

Lift capacity 500 lbs

Length - stowed20 ft 8 in

Width stowed5 ft 6 in

Platform size4 ft 1 in x 2 ft 9 in

Leveling capability12.5 °

Power source4 x 6 V 245 amp-hr

Tongue weight (no options)290 lbs

Weight (no options)4200 lbs

Widest Point13 ft 9 in

Widest Point13 ft 6 in

For more information please refer to the owners manual.

stump grinder

THE MODEL HB19 is perfect for contractors and homeowners looking for a lightweight, compact unit that will maneuver in tight locations not accessible by other machines. The Model HB19 manual unit comes equipped with a Honda 13-horsepower engine. The manual unit also features an electric start and a direct-drive cutter wheel. This unit is smaller than the selfpropelled unit and can be easily maneuvered to grind stumps in almost any location.

log spiller

26 Ton Vertical/Horizontal Log Splitter:

Valve 3 Position with Auto Return

Engine 270cc Honda GX

Bed Height 33"

Beam 6" heavy-duty formed steel

Log Opening 25”

Cycle TimeAppox. 12 Seconds Complete Cycle

Splitting ForceAppox. 26 tons

Weight700 lbs.


The BC-25 fits through a standard 36" (91.4 cm) gate and generates fine mulch ideal for planter beds and walking paths. This easy-to-maintain, towable unit offers a gravity-feed system with 6" (15.2 cm) capacity, a high-output V-Twin engine and two single-edge cutter blades.